Overview of Loans

Jarvis Capital Investments has the investor loans to fund your project!

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No Doc Loans

Jarvis Capital Investments offers no doc loans for real estate investments.

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Commercial Loans

Jarvis Capital Investments offers commercial loans for real estate.

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Hard Money Loans

Jarvis Capital Investments can finance your real estate investment or business loan secured by real estate.

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Fix and Flip Loans

Jarvis Capital Investments specializes in fix and flip loans for real estate investors.

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Sub-Prime Loans

Impaired credit or financial hardship? Jarvis Capital Investments offers sub-prime loans!

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Private Money Lender in Scottsdale, AZ

Jarvis Capital Investments LLC is a private money lender located in Scottsdale, AZ. We make private money loans to real estate investors with projects in Arizona and anywhere in the U.S. We also offer investors a chance to participate in funding private money loans and realize a return on investment of 12 - 18%.

Jarvis Capital Investments is led by Troy Jarvis, a top real estate professional in Arizona. Troy has excelled in the field of real estate for over 20 years. After working with a nationally recognized RE/MAX agent in the Chicago area, Troy returned to Arizona in 1994. He founded The Jarvis Group and grew the business into one of the top 10 real estate groups in the RE/MAX Southwest Region in a short time. After successfully weathering numerous cycles in the real estate market and selling thousands of properties, Troy's award-wining real estate background offers investing clients unparalleled industry knowledge and the well-trained eye of a seasoned real estate investor.

Troy has been involved in private money lending since 1999 and has fast become a leading hard money lender in Arizona. Jarvis Capital Investments specializes in asset-based loan financing for fix and flip, commercial and business ventures. Jarvis Capital Investments allows borrowers to close quickly and easily on a variety of loan types, providing needed capital secured by the property value. For investors, our opportunities are carefully researched by our team and are a safe investment with high returns. At the time of payoff, investors may reinvest in another private money loan, or move their investment elsewhere.

The experienced team at Jarvis Capital Investments puts their knowledge of real estate sales, development and construction, and real estate financing to work for both borrowers and investors for a win-win situation that results in stronger communities and successful business ventures.

Find out more about investing with Jarvis Capital Investments here, or contact us at (480) 688-8646 for more information today!

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